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Mama Ro

RoLanda Allaha Wilkins is an innovative program administrator, global community organizer and traditional ceremonial leader. For over 25 years she continues to work in the area of adolescent\women health and wellness; specializing in youth development and leadership, international health & wellness, outreach, resources identification, communication and media productions.  She has worked throughout the United States, Canada, Cuba, Ghana, Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria and South Africa. 



She is the founder & Executive Director of Earth Mama Healing, Inc., which is home to Nurtured Girls, Empowered Women Institute for the empowerment and leadership enrichment for girls and women.  Her impactful programs are: Wii (We Inspire) Girl, Queens Rising, Dream Academy, Mother Love,  Yewas Rites of Passages and Queens Live.  She assists thousands of youth and families in completing personal and educational goals. For eight years she continues to take young women (between 14-18) across the United States and Canada for 30 days on the Quality of Life Road Trip. We journey through 26 states, stopping in 22 cities, participating in activities strategically designed to understand the lifestyles and contributions of girls and women of African descendant.  She also launched the Earth Mama Network, that produces podcast and live broadcast that focuses on Black Lifestyles and African world view.   She also produces annual community celebrations to honor her community: Harriett Tubman Community Youth Leadership Award, Grandma Hands Community Tribute, Black Excellence Awards (celebrating secondary educational completion) and  Men of Honor Awards.  To date we have honored 294 community members, along with their awards they receive recognition from a US Senator, Assembly member and the City of Sacramento.  

She was the former Executive Director of Birthing Project USA (BPUSA), a national model for improving birth outcomes for African American women.  In this role she provided support to women, groups and agencies in starting and maintaining projects in over 100 communities across the United States and eight countries.  Over 15,000 babies born have been born into Birthing Project USA/International.  She has also led international health delegations and assist with building clinics. 

She produces annual summit like “Growing Wiser, Stronger and More Informed” to inform youth of African Descent about the state of youth and challenge them change the direction of the world by developing and implementing positive solutions and campaigns.   As well as “What It Means to be 18” to inform youth about the legal, civil and political obligations of turning 18.   She has produced, written, and directed talk shows, documentaries and plays for access television for six years.  She also managed SistaTreats, a series of holistic retreats and workshops for the caring and nurturing of the human mind, body, and spirit.

Rolanda has been awarded the State of California 2008 Woman of the Year by State Senator Darrell Steinberg. She received the 2009 Luminary Award by the National Association of Business Women Owners of Sacramento. She was also recognized as a 2009 Hero of Human Services Resolution, by the Board of Supervisors of Sacramento, 2012 Sisterhood Agenda Award from Sisterhood Magazine.  Rolanda’s mission is to assist young people in dreaming a positive reality outside the world they know, so they can make the world they want to live in.  She currently lives in Sacramento, California.

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